We recognise that prayer is a integral part of our lives, both individually and corporately.  Prayer gives us direct access to God.
Without it we can waste our energy on good intentions without really knowing what God is saying. But with it we can hear him, speak to him and see His plans and purposes unfold. That is why we actively encourage prayer at all of our meetings. 

At various times in the week we open our building to enable people to come and pray individually or in groups.  We also have regular prayer meetings together on Monday evenings.  

For individual prayer we have a Prayer Hub. When people have an immediate need or challenge they can text our Prayer Hub number and their prayer request is forwarded to all members of the hub.  In this way we can support each other and be encouraged that lots of people are praying for us when we need it.

For more information about joining the prayer hub or attending one of our prayer meetings you can contact us at the church office.