Keith T and Gareth   At South Chard Church the men of the church meet together regularly.

Men react and relate to each other differently when they’re on their own and we’ve found that good and life-long friendships are formed during these relaxed and fun meetings.

On one Saturday of each month the men of South Chard Church get together for a social over a ‘Men’s Breakfast’. This is a relaxed and informal group where men meet to eat and chat in the Family Centre behind the church at 9:00am. Currently they are exploring the topic ‘getting fit for the race’ and how to be active in walking out their Christian journeys.

At 7:30pm on selected Thursdays the men meet for ‘Deeper’. It is an easygoing get together in the upper room of Eleos (our local coffee house). The group is for men to meet and go deeper into God’s word, sharing their knowledge and experiences as they explore the Word. At the moment the men are looking at the book of Ephesians.

The men frequently meet for other social events – skittles and curry nights are the current popular favourites! The men also attend various conferences across the UK throughout the year.

The breakfasts, Deeper and social activities are open to all, whether you attend South Chard Church or not. If you would like to come along or you need more information contact the church office.

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