Here are some of the messages from our Sunday morning services.  


Strengthen your Core – Mark Thompson

Whilst driving along in his car, Mark heard God tell him he needed to “strengthen his core”.  In this message, Mark unravels what he has learnt from exploring how  spiritual strength is not something that is developed in public, rather it is in the secret place, at our core that the real work is done.  

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Jenny Reid – Getting aggressive with Worry and Anxiety

In this message Jenny is honest about her own struggle with anxiety.  She explores the scriptures and reveals how anxiety and worry are actually a cycle that God has given us the tools to break. 

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    Clare Cleave – Jars of Clay

Looking at the story of the widow and Elisha, Clare encourages us to base our plans not on what we think we have, but on what God says and to remember that the provision is in the house.  

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