South Chard Church was founded in 1956 by Uncle Sid and Aunty Mill Purse.

Back then there was a real excitement about the things of the Spirit and the church was committed to making room for the Holy Spirit to move in the meetings and in the lives of those who attended. The people collectively began to grow in their faith, believing God for healing and trusting him to do the miraculous.

building of church

They moved in the gifts of the Spirit, and began to exercise these gifts in their daily lives and workplaces. Through it all, Uncle Sid and the leadership team were dedicated to the authority of Word of God and the teaching and preaching of the Bible. The desire of the leadership team was to equip the people for works of service and send them out to increase the Kingdom of God.

A lot has changed in 50+ years for South Chard Church but we are still a vibrant, faith-filled and relevant body of believers who believe in the miraculous and in healing. We are passionate about seeing the gifts of God exercised in our daily lives, knowing that this is what God always intended. When we meet together we understand that God is in charge and that the Holy Spirit should be free to move.

truth mural

We hold on to the authority of the Word of God and those who preach and teach us are passionate about God’s Word changing lives. Our individual relationships with God are a priority as we know that all that we do flows from our connection with our Father God. We aim to develop an atmosphere of discipleship where each member is growing in faith and supported by the church family.

Our congregation is a mix of all ages, ranging from 0-92. We are a family. We love and care for each other, making room for people to make mistakes, grow and learn together.



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