Sunday Mornings

Our Sunday morning meetings are at 11am each week. They are informal with lively worship and a relaxed atmosphere.  
As a church we are family-oriented,  so children are welcome to enjoy themselves during the worship time with us in the main meeting until they go to their groups. There is a separate group for youth.  As part of our informal approach, we have an open-mic policy prior to the main message where any member of the congregation is welcome to come and share good news from their week, or bring a Bible verse that has spoken to them recently.  We usually spend some time singing and worshipping God before we take a while to listen to the preached Word of God.  We believe that good Bible teaching is important and can be life transforming.
 Church is not about programs but it’s about people so after the service all are welcome to stay and chat.   This is where we catch up with each other’s news over tea, coffee and biscuits.

At regular intervals this is extended to a light lunch.

If you’re nervous about coming or just aren’t sure, feel free to contact us at the church office and we’ll look out for you.   We’ll even save you a seat. We look forward to meeting you.