We have a leadership team of eight.  We love God, we love people and we enjoy doing life together. meet-the-team2
Allan Smith – Pastoral Overseer 

Allan Smith is married to Ros and they live in Kent. Under the covering of CiC (Churches in Communities) he plays the role of Pastoral overseer. In practice this means we draw on him for advice, support and guidance. 

He is a man of wisdom and integrity, having been in the ministry for many years. He visits us at least once a month and has a genuine love for people and a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, which is evident both in his preaching and his pastoral care. Allan is an invaluable part of the structure at South Chard Church.
Jenny Reid – Team Leader  
Jenny Reid is a mother of two teenagers and the Team Leader at South Chard Church. She moved from Liverpool to Chard in 2003 in an act of faith responding to God’s call on her life to serve Him in the South West. Jenny is a strong ‘people person’ which reflects her pastoral heart and desire to help each person discover their true value in Christ and know the love that God has for them personally. Her ministry is often prophetic and she has a gift of discernment which cuts to the heart of what is important. Jenny is a gifted speaker who delivers God’s Word with humour in a way that brings transformation and builds others up in their service for the Lord.
JennyPhoto (2)  “Hi, I love the Church of Jesus Christ!  I am so blessed when I see all the different personalities, talents and gifts working together.  For me, this is what Church is all about. I am committed to seeing every individual valued. I am passionate about seeing every person made whole. I am convinced that through the work of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus we can see a church in this generation that is truly working as God intended.”

 Andrew and Sandra Rich – Elders  

   Andrew and Sandra have been in South Chard Church for a large part of their lives. Andrew first visited South Chard as a young boy in 1970 and stayed in the Manor House with Uncle Sid and Auntie Mill. Having moved to Chard as an adult, he later met Sandra and they married in 1993. They have two girls, Jessica and Melanie. Andrew is an elder and together they head up the pastoral care department within the church. Andrew has a gift for preaching and ministering as the Spirit leads. He listens intently to the voice of the Holy Spirit and only acts once he has heard His voice. Sandra has a heart for those who are broken and hurting and is always looking for ways to to see those people restored. They both love to see people set free to live their lives in the fullness of what God has for them.
Andrew and Sandra “Hi, we are so excited to be a part of the leadership team here at SCC. We want to see individuals receive the revelation from God that will set them free in their walks with Jesus. When Jesus was here on earth He said ‘ Love your neighbour as yourself’. This is our heart in Pastoral Care. We love to help people work through challenges, know God’s love and receive support from the church. Our aim is for everyone to discover the calling that God has placed in their hearts” 

Mark and Jo Thompson – Elders

 Mark and Jo joined South Chard Church in 2012 having relocated from Northamptonshire in faith, believing that God was asking them to be a part of His work here. They love life in Somerset and straight away felt a sense of belonging to the church family. Mark is an elder who is passionate about empowering individuals to discover truth in the Bible and find freedom to be the people that God has created them to be. Jo was a primary school teacher for many years but now works as our administrator in the church office. She has a heart for building others in their journey of faith and loves to see people grow and develop as they allow the Holy Spirit to transform their lives. Together they lead courses for small groups and are responsible for the church’s discipleship programmes.
“We would love you to visit us at South Chard Church where, from our own experience, we know you will receive a warm welcome and connect with a real mix of people.  It’s good to have others to do life with as we explore what it means to follow Jesus together. We look forward to hearing your story and sharing ours with you as we encourage each other in discovering God’s plan for our lives.” 

Dave and Clare Cleave – Leadership Team

Dave and Clare Cleave play a unique role in the leadership team.  Though not elders due to their other ministry commitments across the globe,  they are a valuable part of our team.  We are blessed by the way they live by faith, have moved to South Chard and have made this their home church. They effectively manage to balance a real commitment to our church alongside following the call on their lives to encourage believers across the UK and beyond. Dave is a worship leader and has a prophetic ministry. Clare is gifted in teaching and prayer. As a team they have a real sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and as a result their ministry is challenging, insightful and life changing.  Dave and Clare live totally by faith.  You can support their work by clicking here.  This link will take you to the stewardship webpage where you can make a one off financial gift or arrange to support them regularly.
dave and clare 2 “We have worked with several churches in many cultures but we always look forward to coming home to South Chard.  The people here are so encouraging and have counted us as family from the beginning when we first came in 2011.  It’s great working with the team who keep us on our toes, they love Jesus and desire the presence of God. We love the heart for worship here and the freedom that His Holy Spirit brings to our times together. We are really excited about what the Lord is doing with us all and leading us into as a body. All we can add is………COME ON!”