Sparks All of our children are greatly valued and we are committed to teaching them about God and supporting their personal growth.
That is why we have set aside three stages of development for them.  On a typical Sunday morning, having spent some time together with us in the main church meeting, the children go to their individual groups.  Our Children’s team work hard to ensure that the teaching and activities are relevant to the specific ages.
GLOW logo     For a child under 3 leaving their parents for even a little while can be quite daunting.  Our Glow team are well aware of this and they make sure that Glow is as relaxing and inviting  as possible.  The session is informal, with plenty of play and stimulation.
SPARKS logo At aged 3-5 children are just beginning to ask questions.  So at Sparks the team make space for this type of communication and conversation.  The children take part in craft, games, singing and stories as they learn more about who God is and what He means to them.
BLAZE logo Blaze is our group for our 5-10s.  The team follow a weekly curriculum so the children get a wide spread of teaching from many books of the Bible.  Craft, stories and fun still play a major role as children are given the opportunity to learn scripture verses, share their challenges and pray together.

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